How to handle negative feedback like a pro

How To Handle Negative Feedback Like A Pro

My experience, as both giving and receiving feedback is, the longer one spends on creating a piece of content, the stronger they feel about the feedback received. Especially negative feedback. They identify with the piece of content they created because they have poured their heart and soul into it. Any negative feedback will go down in history about as well as your cat pooping in your shoes.

content marketing for products

Are You Exploiting Product Related Content Opportunities?

When making decisions on what to buy, consumers are increasingly looking for more information about products than just size, colour, make etc. Conscious consuming is growing and content produced by businesses fuel and influence those tendencies. In simple terms, even if you are a manufacturer or a seller of physical products, the content you have available will influence your customer’s buying decisions.

audience wants value content

What Your Audience Wants Is More Great Value Content

You don’t have to be a fantastic sales copywriter to provide your audience with content that gives them value. Great value content will help them identify your brand and make them a raving fan. Because that is what you want. You want your audience to help you grow your visibility by sharing, recommending, engaging with and talking about your content.