practical steps to a content strategy

5 Practical Steps To A Powerful Content Strategy That Works

I write about content strategy a lot. One of the reasons I do that is because I want to bust some myths around it. Just the term itself can be pretty intimidating to someone who might have just started out in business or to someone who is trying to make it on their own and are a one woman/man band. Heck, even many seasoned entrepreneurs get chills at the mention of it.

easy to write blog topics

3 Mindblowingly Easy Topics You Can Write About In Your Sleep

Content – the new “C” word small business owner like to avoid. It invokes blank stares and a small, barely audible exhalation of what might be considered as signs of exasperation across the world. Unless you have the revenue to keep a killer copywriter on retainer, chances are you are either sitting at your desk…