content marketing for products

Are You Exploiting Product Related Content Opportunities?

When making decisions on what to buy, consumers are increasingly looking for more information about products than just size, colour, make etc. Conscious consuming is growing and content produced by businesses fuel and influence those tendencies. In simple terms, even if you are a manufacturer or a seller of physical products, the content you have available will influence your customer’s buying decisions.

Christmas content ideas

Ultimate Christmas Survival Guide For Social Media Content

Shopping centres have started selling Christmas decorations weeks ago. It’s only a matter of days before they start playing carols in supermarkets. Love it or hate it (I’m in the latter category), the end of the year is upon us and small businesses around the world are preparing for their end of year shut down…

revive old content

10 Easy Ways To Revive Your Old Content

Repurposing content should be a routine exercise for all businesses with a robust content marketing plan. Content drives traffic to your website for years after it’s created. You spend considerable time creating content and then market it. Why not utilise it to its absolute full potential by cleverly repurposing and giving it new life. You might forget about some real gems over the years. You can dust off posts, videos and all types of content to breathe new life into it and put it to good use.

audience wants value content

What Your Audience Wants Is More Great Value Content

You don’t have to be a fantastic sales copywriter to provide your audience with content that gives them value. Great value content will help them identify your brand and make them a raving fan. Because that is what you want. You want your audience to help you grow your visibility by sharing, recommending, engaging with and talking about your content.

Are You Abandoning Perfectly Good Content Opportunities?

I draw inspiration for a lot of my content from my very own life experience, once I managed to shift the boulder that’s been sitting in the way of my progress for a while. I enjoy sharing those little gems because it means that someone out there will read and go, “me too!” and may use it as way of shifting their own boulder that has been sitting in the way of their progress for a while.

How To Create Better Video Content For Online Courses & Programs

How To Create Better Video Content For Online Courses & Programs

Most of us don’t have the luxury of an on-call film crew to help create great videos for our online courses & programs. However, there are plenty of things you can do, that are easy and will make people watch your course videos all the way through. Here are my top tips on making videos that engage the viewers and make them go back and keep watching.

free video editing software alternatives to windows live movie maker

The Death Of The Free Video Editing Software, Or Is It?

It is widely thought that the cost of video production can be a prohibitive factor for small businesses when it comes to including video in their content marketing strategy. With the demise of Windows Live Movie Maker early this year and the editing suite in YouTube now redundant, it may seem like there are no free or low-cost video production options for small business. I’m here to tell you that there are!