How to handle negative feedback like a pro

How To Handle Negative Feedback Like A Pro

My experience, as both giving and receiving feedback is, the longer one spends on creating a piece of content, the stronger they feel about the feedback received. Especially negative feedback. They identify with the piece of content they created because they have poured their heart and soul into it. Any negative feedback will go down in history about as well as your cat pooping in your shoes.

How To Create Better Video Content For Online Courses & Programs

How To Create Better Video Content For Online Courses & Programs

Most of us don’t have the luxury of an on-call film crew to help create great videos for our online courses & programs. However, there are plenty of things you can do, that are easy and will make people watch your course videos all the way through. Here are my top tips on making videos that engage the viewers and make them go back and keep watching.

easy to write blog topics

3 Mindblowingly Easy Topics You Can Write About In Your Sleep

Content – the new “C” word small business owner like to avoid. It invokes blank stares and a small, barely audible exhalation of what might be considered as signs of exasperation across the world. Unless you have the revenue to keep a killer copywriter on retainer, chances are you are either sitting at your desk…