5 Ways To Bring The Right Vibe To Your Facebook Lives

People will remember how you make them feel. If they’re getting a great vibe from you, they will come back to watch more of your content. Of course, you can’t always show up peppy and high vibe but the least you can do is be authentic with your audience. If you’re not feeling it, neither will they. One of the things I do before all of my Facebook lives is checking in with myself to see how I feel. Do I have the right vibe for the topic I want to deliver?

Facebook Live Videos Help Grow Your Spiritual Business

People might be under the impression that doing live videos on your Facebook page is only worth it if you have a lot of followers. A lot. It is, in fact, a great tool to grow your business, regardless of the number of people you have on your page or in your group. Don’t wait until you have amassed a greater number of likes on your page. Give your audience great video content now. Here are my very good reasons why.