Engage and grow your tribe with shareable, highly connected, authentic blog content.


Video to Blog Packages for Blogging Avoiders


You’re a video star and you love connecting with your audience on video. You regularly do live broadcasts on Facebook or YouTube where you tribe can tap into your vibe.


Having your videos turned into blogs will stretch your content even further.



Did you know that the average 5-minute video can be turned into a 750-word blog article?


How much time would you have to spend on writing a piece like that?


You can think of a thousand other things you would like to do with your time, especially if you’re not keen on writing.


You might be sitting on a content gold mine if you have a bunch of Facebook Live videos hanging around in your Facebook group or on your Facebook page doing nothing. 


Think of all the audience you’re missing out on!


In this package, I create blog content from your videos that reflect YOUR brand, YOUR voice and YOUR vision.


Blogs are

Easy to repurpose into smaller pieces of content for other platforms

Created with highly searchable keywords for SEO power

Great for lead magnets and content upgrades

Attractive to audiences that aren’t on social media

Sources of traffic for your website

Even more powerful traffic generators when combined with video


All packages include:

-Caption files for your videos in .srt format that you can add to your videos

-Formatted transcription text file to include with your videos if you like

-Uploaded to your WordPress website and formatted to your style

-Feature image optimisation for your chosen image

Video to Blog Simple

Length of video

less than 5 minutes $55

5-10 minutes           $65

10-15 minutes         $75

15-20 minutes         $85

20-25 minutes         $95

25-30 minutes       $105

over 30 minutes – by individual quote

Video to Blog with SEO

This package includes additional features per video.

Categories and tags specified and added

Crosslinks added to connect to other content you own

SEO optimised with Yoast

Scheduled in WordPress to be published on your specified date

$17 per video

Video to Blog with SEO & Social

This package includes additional features

Everything included in the Video to Blog with SEO package


3 shareable images created with text quotes pulled from the video

6 social media post copies to help you share your article

$37 per video

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