create you passion video

Create Your Passion Story Video in 5 Days


Over the 5 days of this project, you will dig deep to discover and create your passion story for video. You will also establish avenues and platforms to share your passion story on.

Share your passion with people and you show them that what you’re doing is not just a thing you use to generate income but so much more.

Your passion is the heart and soul of what you do.

It shows people what’s important to you, what moves you and motivates you.

Passion stories  invoke an emotional reaction in people and they feel compelled to:

  • join you in your pursuit of your passion by getting your freebie, buying your course, joining your group
  • help you pursue your passion by hiring your services and buying your products
  • share your passion story with others because they want more people to know about what you do
  • engage in a conversation with your about your passion story

What you will need:

pen or pencil and a notepad

your smartphone and 15-20 minutes every day for the 5 days

Optional extras:

cup of coffee, tea or hot cocoa or even a glass of your favourite wine

Daily instructions delivered straight to your inbox.

#5DaysofPassionVideo begins on 26th June.

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