Content Creation

For The

Intuitive Entrepreneur

Creating inspired, individual and impactful content just became easier for the intuitive entrepreneur.

What you can expect from these sessions:


How we start off

We get into the vibe of this program first with an affirmation/tapping script/mantra that is aligned with how you create content as an intuitive. This helps you overcome any initial blocks you are experiencing. We will also discover what content type suits you the best. We will also work on what your Intent and your Purpose is with your content.


Then we move onto this

We spend 4 content creation and mapping sessions together, just you and I. This is where we map out 1 week of content at a time.

We base it on the Intent and Purpose you have for your business. Your content will be authentic and aligned with your vibe, your tone and your values.

We will also re-cap on the previous week’s content and tweak the plan if necessary.


During the 4 weeks of this package you will have support

You will receive daily support and accountability with your content creation in the pop-up Facebook group.

You will be able to interact with others who are working through the same process and share your content journey with them, including wins and content WTFs as well.

Both of which there will be a few. We will deal with the WTFs together and will celebrate your wins together as well.


By the end of our time together, you will have confidence in your content creating abilities and your content creation toolset.

We will pick the tools you will need specifically for your budget and your skill level.


What you can expect from me:

Complete commitment to help you start creating content easily, simply and joyfully. Daily presence in the Facebook group.
Weekly, laser-focused one on one calls with you at the scheduled time. Loving and firm support with accountability during your creation process.

This introductory package includes:
-4x 1:1 content creation and mapping sessions
-1x bonus masterminding and blockbusting session
-daily support in pop-up Facebook group
-downloadable and printable workbook
-content creation and mapping tools training

intuitive content creation into package

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