Content Creation For The Intuitive Entrepreneur

Live chat with Andrea Kaldy


Creating inspired, individual and impactful content just became easier for the intuitive entrepreneur.


11am AEST Monday 5th February 2018

11am Brisbane

12pm Sydney

12pm Melbourne

9am Perth

2pm New Zealand



I’m turning content creation on its head to make it not only work for intuitive entrepreneurs but transform it into an enjoyable and easy experience for them!

Struggling with creating content that aligns with their values to market their business is a common theme for the intuitive entrepreneur.

Words like pushy, salesy, fear-based, inauthentic come up all the time.

No wonder!

Conventional marketing methods and business strategies taught by many coaches do not work for a lot of people who run intuitive based businesses. While those methods work well for a lot of business models, intuitive entrepreneurs are left scratching their heads and trying to adapt those content creation and marketing methods to their own businesses.

Without much success.

In this FREE 30 minute short LIVE CHAT I will be clearly setting out the 4 main ingredients you, as an intuitive entrepreneur should use in your recipe for content creation success.

You also get the chance to ask questions about your content creation woes.

This live chat is for you if:

~you are running your own intuitive business and want to increase your visibility

~you are committed to growing your business

~you are doing your own content creation and marketing

~you want to be doing your own content creation and marketing but too overwhelmed by all the “rules”

~you are an intuitive person, running an intuitive business (you don’t have to be a psychic or energy healing etc business)

If you’d love to participate in this live chat but are unable to, I will be recording the event and will make it available to you to watch if you have registered.

This is a free, live event that is delivered via Zoom.

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Live Chat with Andrea Kaldy ~ Content Strategist for the Intuitive Entrepreneur

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