Your video channel can be transformed into a powerful resource library for your clients!



When I need to search for information on the interwebs I often choose the YouTube links that come up in the search results. I like to hear and/or see what I am searching for being explained.

I am waaaaaaay more likely to delve into their channel and binge watch their videos when their channels are professional looking, branded and the content flows and is easy to follow.

It’s all about me being able to access the information I am after with complete ease. A well-organised channel will give me a customer experience that will make me hit that “Subscribe” button and I will be a return consumer.

I want to help more of you give that same content consumer experience to your ideal clients!

I am offering you the opportunity to have your video channels transformed into a powerful resource library that will attract more clients to your business, more students to your courses and more visitors to your website and build your position as an expert in your niche.

YouTube Channel Makeover

Services that are up for grabs are:

Organising your content into lists and utilising the SEO advantage it will give your channel

Designing custom branded thumbnails to make your channel look consistent even when you share your videos

Techie stuff that adds all the flourish to your videos to get people to subscribe and view more of your content

Fees are dependent on the number of videos you have and what services you want to grab in your package.

Start 2018 as you mean to go on – with a kickass video resources library channel that is so much more than just a collection of random videos.

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